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Pretty Please With Peeta on top?!

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Hey so if anyone is curious or wondering why I haven’t been active for a while, I’ve been in Bournemouth for about 5 days without wifi (I know it’s been hell) and I’m now at my grandmas for another 5 days where I can hopefully use her neighbours wifi as she isn’t one a those hip tech grandmas.

So yeah…please don’t unfollow me for not being on for a while
I’m literally sitting in matalan, using as much of there wifi before my mum drags me away or my battery on my iPod touch dies

The Scottie Dogs are stealing the show!


Welcome to the commonwealth games, let us serenade you with our dancing fucking tea cakes

I don’t know about you but it worked on me


"Your royal highnesses… Distinguished guests… Athletes… Peasants…"


There is a 13 yr old in the Scottish commonwealth team and I’m on here blogging about freaking fandoms


Some of the commonwealth games outfits kinda make me think of what wizards would wear when pretending to be muggles???

Opening Ceremony


England: Oh thank god they didn’t boo us…


James McAvoy in a kilt.

Thank you, Scotland.


When was the last time a black, female opera singer from South Africa, with tattoos, sang a song about freedom, in Scots, in a football stadium in Glasgow that is renowned for violence and racism?

I can’t think that it’s every happened.

The commonwealth games might seem naff, but this is the important part.