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Pretty Please With Peeta on top?!

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on a scale of fake pockets to nachos how good is your idea


wanna come over and watch me blog



peeta starts to develop dementia from the hijacking that happened so many years ago, and the only person he truly remembers is katniss. she always has to remind him that the people who now run the bakery are his children and the little kids who come in begging for cookies are his grandchildren

and he doesn’t remember his new life so he keeps thinking he’s back in the arena :”|

Me and Matt Smith would play around together all day and just film in between.

Karen Gillan on Doctor Who at SLCCC [x] (via doctorspond)

What I realized is that she’s probably a much better person than I am. I was impressed by her level of ethical ability to kind of strive to be a better person—like with her environmental issues. Some peoples say to recycle, but they preach it and don’t actually do it. Shai is 100 percent genuine in her way and very real.  —Theo

thats it. i dont have to make another joke on this shitty website ever again.