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Pretty Please With Peeta on top?!

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President Snow hates Mockingjays

Kanye West probably (via allhailthehutch)


mockingjay better be the best movie ever after all the terrible shit the fandom has been through


Doritos thank you for blessing the fandom this random Tuesday


My biggest problem with Gale is that he gives no thought to why Peeta is acting the way he is. Gale is so quick to make Peeta a traitor that he doesn’t even realize what is truly going on. Peeta’s fighting for his life and you want to paint him as a traitor to the rebellion.

No, he’s trying to keep Katniss alive.

Peeta loses everything because of this war. Don’t even fucking start with trying to shit on him.

  • Katniss:

    *says something sad*

  • Me:

    Aww bby.

  • Gale:

    *says anything*

  • Me:

    Shut up Gale.


that new song for Mockingjay part 1 soundtrack